This blog is about ME and my life’s journey from here on out.  I’m a daughter, sister, mother, grandma, aunt and friend.  I live in a three bedroom home and drive an old Dodge Durango (1998) which I love.  If I can figure out the money, I’m going to go back to school and learn all about graphic design.  I freelanced for a while about ten years ago, but things have changed and I haven’t kept up and so the need is there.  I should know more about what I’ll be doing next week.

Meet Oscar Meyer.  He is a toy Yorkshire and weighs six pounds.  He came to live with me because I can’t say no to my grandson Chris.  We were at a pet store looking at fish and Chris drags me over to the puppies.  They were just so tiny and Chris, being four years old, would not leave the store until his grandma bought him the dog.  Because Oscar was NOT cheap, I decided that he had to live with me and not go home with Chris.  Chris thought that was fine since he was at my house all of the time anyway.  He announced that he was Oscar’s dad and I was Oscar’s mom.  …. and so Oscar came home.

At the time I worked out of my home, but I still went crazy that first year potty training the dog.  I read about all of the tricks on the internet, went to dog training at Pet Smart and nothing worked.  Sometime after his was a year old he just caught on and came and got me when he wanted out.  For some reason sticking out his tong is the tell that its a must go out.  He’s learned to mew like a cat , spin his water bowl with his front paw when its empty and grunt at me when he just discussed with my choice of action.  I do find myself smiling at this silly guy all the time.  Such a funny dog.

  Meet Ity-Bits. A true dog in all the sense of the word.  She only weighs four pounds, but acts like she’s the toughest thing around.  That is until you advance towards her and then she is climbing up my pant leg scared to death.  She came to live with me to keep Oscar company and she does in a female way.  He wants to play, she can’t be bothered.  He wants to walk around the block and she wants to know why.

Well, that’s about it for an introduction to my life.   Will it be school for me or just work to being working??