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Oh, his hair!!


Kraft … so cheeeeeesy

Wow!!!  This is one of the worst commercials I’ve ever seen.  I enjoy looking at a good looking man as much as anyone else, but this guy isn’t that sexy and he can’t sing.  Kraft!, I don’t care how you dress Velveeta cheese, it will never be sexy and it won’t taste any better.  Worst cheese ever!

tv * Fringe

Its one of the few shows I enjoy watching.  It appears that they’ll be bringing back Joshua Jackson in a few weeks.  If they change their minds and don’t, I hope the storyline will be strong enough to survive.  Up until now the storyline has survived because of the relationship between Peter, Olivia and Peter father Walter.

TNT via the internet – GONE

I don’t watch much television and when I do its through the internet.  The other day I had some time and thought I would watch one of the Closer episodes.  Imagine my surprise when I discovered that TNT now only allows you to watch their programming via a TV provider.  It doesn’t matter if its wireless, cable or dish as long as its a provider.  I’m sure they made a profitable deal with the providers, but their programming isn’t good enough for me to go out and purchase a provider’s plan.  Good-bye TNT.

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