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Yard Prep For Winter

House before

I can’t believe that September is almost over.  October brings the cold and my yard is not ready for the winter.  I still have to paint the trimming and replace the garage seal.  I probably need to replace the seal around the doors also.  I’ve never replaced seals before and so that aught to be interesting.  … I’m going to paint the trim a dark charcoal and I’m not looking forward to the prep;  the scraping off the old paint, the sanding and then applying the two new coats.  Its white right now and I’ve wanted it changed for years and so I know when I’m done, I’ll be happy!!

Then there is the grass.  I’ve got a thistle problem that cropped up last year and really spread.  Its along the back fence.  I don’t mow my lawn and so imagine my surprise when I stepped on one and then noticed several more around me.  I bought the industrial weed killer that promises to eliminate thistle. It will kill the grass around it about six to eight inches, but who wants thistle and this will eliminate it for next year.  After I kill the weeds, I’ve got to do the winter lawn feed with minerals and iron so it will be green come spring time, and this needs to be done before October fifteenth when they turn off the secondary water.  Oh, and then I need to make sure the sprinkling system is drained so the pipes don’t freeze and crack this winter.

Must drain the lawn mowers, cover the cooler, put the yard equipment in the shed and get the snow blower ready.  I think that’s about everything.  Well, its everything I can think of right now.


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