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Fablehaven / Brandon Mull

This is book one of the Fablehaven series and it doesn’t disappoint.  I enjoyed reading about the sanctuary with all of the mystical creatures and the two young kids who are stronger than they could imagine as they work to save lives and the sanctuary.

Pre-teen read.


Black Numbers / Dean Lappi

I list this book as ADULT READING.

Definitely different.  I was intrigued by the idea that mathematics was the core of the power and magic, but I’m still out on whether I actually liked the book.  It was slow, but it’s book one in a series and book two hasn’t published.  I have nothing to help judge whether the writer lacks or if book one was just slow in establishing the foundation for the rest of a great series. Time will tell.

The Way Of Shadows / Brent Weeks

This is my first book about assassins.  It was like reading a period piece, but without the place really existing. It started great and ended with me wanting to read the second book.  It didn’t grab me by the shorts though and so I wonder what book about assassins would.

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