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The Mummy / Anne Rice

My favorite books of Anne’s are the three about the witches.  For a book about a mummy, this was pretty good.  It was about a love that could not be fulfilled, Ramses for Cleopatra.


Lethal People / John Locke

This was an easy read.  I felt like I was reading a man’s journal or maybe listening in on a conversation at a bar while one guy tells another about his last adventure.  It made me smile and next time I need a light read, I’ll pick up the next one in the series.

Naked In Death / J.D. Robb

MY FAVORITE, I really like this series.

This is the first book of the “in death” series by J.D. Robb, alias for Nora Roberts.  Lieutenant Eve Dallas is the main character and in this first book she meets Roarke her future husband.  There is the right amount of romance mixed in with the murder cases Eve solves.

The Way Of Shadows / Brent Weeks

This is my first book about assassins.  It was like reading a period piece, but without the place really existing. It started great and ended with me wanting to read the second book.  It didn’t grab me by the shorts though and so I wonder what book about assassins would.

The Hunger Games / Suzzanne Collins

I enjoyed the trilogy, but I would never recommend it to the younger audience.  Though the author wrote it for the younger readers, she differs from me in the fact that I believe that children become adults to soon and this story could have been written for the adult audience and kids could read it later.

Killing Floor / Lee Child

I like the way Lee Child writes Jack Reacher, it makes for a good read.  This book was really good.  While there were several good parts and the killings were gruesome, what I remember most – Jack’s brother is dead.  No matter how I tried to get past it, I couldn’t.  My heart hurt for him.

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