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Ungrateful Living / Everlast

Erik Francis Schrody

I’m not into RAP, I’m not into Opera either, but that being said, I like this guy.

I was introduced to his voice while watching the series called Saving Grace.  He’s been around since he was introduced into the scene as a member of Ice-T’s Rhyme Syndicate around 1990.  There are fifteen songs on this new album and I’ve added ten to my everyday listening playlist. Songs, 1  3  4  5  6  7  8  10  13  15

I’ll be checking back in six-months to see if any or all of the songs are still on my playlist.


James Morrison – definitely influenced by Stevie Wonder

This is the first time I’ve conscientiously listened to James Morrison’s music.  He released a new album this month called ‘The Awakening’.  The longer I listened to the songs, the more Stevie Wonder came to mind.

I have Stevie Wonder’s hits in my collection of tunes and I think the way James enunciates his words and holds the notes out at times is what reminds me of Mr. Wonder, but it could be something else.

Scratchy voice like Bryan Adams, inflections of Stevie Wonder and as far into the “soul” genre as I’ll go, I’m adding this album to my soft listening list.  He’ll be background music for reading and studying.

Word = eargasmic


  1. (of a music) causing to feel a climax of musical excitement

rock band – Three Doors Down

Three Doors Down, my type of rock band.  I think their latest album Time of My Life  is their best, but the album 3 Doors Down is really good.

Time of My Life:  Twelve songs and the only one I don’t enjoy is Believer.  Not bad.

Spotify – Only Way To Do Music


Try it, you’ll love it.  It can be free or depending on what your needs are, cost a few $$.  Its totally worth it!!

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