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Music Unlimited

This music site is by qriocity.com or Sony if you wish.

I’ve been with Spotify for awhile now and really love it.  It provides me with new music releases, while offering everything else in the current and past market.  I have days and days worth of music.  I’ve made different lists for my different moods.  I can listen to radio with all of its talk and commercials. I’m not stuck listening to my music choices just on my computer, but I can take them with me in my phone.


If you’ve moved from Spotify to Music Unlimited and you’re glad you made the change, write and share your reasons why.  Otherwise, I’m not moving.  I’m a happy camper right where I am.


Spotify – Only Way To Do Music


Try it, you’ll love it.  It can be free or depending on what your needs are, cost a few $$.  Its totally worth it!!

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